Turn Over a New Leaf

In life we all make mistakes. We all face challenges. We all have problems in our life that seems gigantic. We all lose hope yet we are all courageous enough to face life with all we have inside of us. As humans, we have guts (the nerve to get up whilst we still stumble). We have a living soul within the flesh of our bodies. Knowing one day we will eventually die, we must live life to the fullest and that brings me to the point am trying to make.

Do you just give up when you go wrong?

I admit things will not always be a smooth road. There will be ups and downs, bends in the road and potholes upending your feet every once in a while, however, it is not the pitfalls which bring you down that matters. What really matters is the lesson you can learn or have learnt from these disastrous things happening in your life. Giving up may seem the best way but is it the ONLY way to get over our problems?

I have faced many rejections in my life. Including the most important being out of a job. But my trust in God has kept my faith, my hope and my beliefs on the positive side of life. Who knows better your path than him? Who charters your destiny? When things go all wrong, pray a silent prayer to your God. Tell him of your fears and your desires for your life. Get in contact with the inner you. Mold your heart, mind and soul in believing that you can achieve the unachievable. Picture your destiny in your thoughts. Imagine yourself being victorious even though the problem you’re knee deep in seems too big to get out of…

As humans, erring and imperfect, we all have some defect that will bring us down. But as humans, created to endure pain, suffering, joy and happiness, we must not give up. The sun may shine today and tomorrow it may rain. The snow might cover the landscape, the cold may shiver its way to our spines but it is just a season, is it not?

Therefore, when we face a hurdle in our paths today, do not give up. For it is just a season. The clouds of doubt and pain in your eyes will clear up and brighter days is still ahead for you. When we lose someone close to us, our hearts ache but one day we must all die. It is an enduring part of being human. Comfort your soul with the thought that all things happen for a reason. Do not worry about your problems so much that it depresses you. Depression is the devil’s tool and you do not want to be in his clutches, do you now? Today you may suffer, but tomorrow is a new day. Do not linger in the past, do not worry about your future. Live for today even though it was not sunny like yesterday. Turn over a new leaf and live…


4 thoughts on “Turn Over a New Leaf

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  2. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! I find that one of God’s greatest blessings is that we have this opportunity every 24 hours. It doesn’t matter how much you failed before, today is a new day to turn over that new leaf 🙂


    • Hello there, joedalio 🙂

      It has been my pleasure posting this little dose of inspiration. I believe we all need a little encouragement in life to move forward rather than lingering on the negativities in our lives.

      Thank for your kind response! –Amanda


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