A Campaign for Love, Peace and Harmony.

It is such a pity.

I am a writer yet I am lost for words.  Well not exactly lost for words, I am just lost for words pertaining to what I do—writing.  I sit down everyday and I write until my fingers get numb yet today I cannot write a simple post about my journey as a writer.  It is as if I have writer’s block when I come to this point.  Every.  Time.

When I open wordpress, all I can ever think of writing veers towards peace, love, togetherness and life, of course.  It is as if something supernatural is speaking into my heart urging me to let it go, speak your heart, tell the world and I do let it go—every single time.  The feelings I feel as I write this post is unexplainable with words.  It is as if divinity does not wish to reveal itself but rather wants or prefers I’d say…to be told with words.

 I am inspired by the goodness of people whose hearts are so pure, so guiltless it is divine.

 As a human being, an occupant of this Earth, I dream of a perfect world.  Yet everyday, the things I see tears my heart to shreds.  I would ask my father, ‘Why are there wars?’

WHY are there wars?

Why can countries not be at peace?

I know of a saying that goes something like this ‘a small speck of dirt at a time builds a dam’

Why can we not as occupants…owners of our universe live with love, peace and harmony?  It only takes love to build peace.  And if one person starts the chain of building a better universe by sharing positive vibes then shares that positive vibes with another person and then another person shares with another then…

That cycle can go on until…we have circled the entire earth with LOVE!

I do not know if I make any sense at all.  Nevertheless, I will end this campaign for Peace, Love & Harmony with the following quote:-

‘It only takes a kind word, a bright smile and a big heart full of love to shine light through the darkness.’  — Amanda Shivrattan

Let your light shine into the darkness of someone today!  Share your love.  Teach and live in peace and may the blessing of the Divine Father fall upon you and your family.


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