An Open Letter to the World


‘I pray for peace on Earth and the togetherness of all humanity no matter where you are from, no matter what your status in life may be!.’

When God created this Earth, he envisioned peace, harmony, love, and togetherness.  However, the wonderful world he had given birth to with his mighty grace has turned into a hellhole with everything bad, evil and ungodly.  There is no peace, no love and certainly no togetherness.

Each person is for himself, doing quite the opposite of what He wants us to do.

I speak not for one religion but for all humanity.  It is time that we consider the type of person we are or have become.  Our countries are at war.  The governments are corrupt more than hell itself.  Our leaders cheat us when they should be doing what God expects us to do: (to love and share a peace of mind, to rejoice with each other at our accomplishments and success.  To learn from our failures and work as one to be better people molding a better world where ‘working together for humanity, universally’ is our motto.)

How long will be at conflict with the people around us?  How long will we care only about our gains and not of others who are worse off than we are?  How long will we walk all over our people to get what we want?

Are we not humans, made above everything else on this planet?

Even animals who cannot talk, who do not know the difference between right & wrong have a better understanding and judgment of what togetherness and love is, so what will we do about our failures as human beings…all created from dust by God?

Do you not wish to see the world unite as one?  Do you not wish to see poverty, war, corruption, financial struggle and every kind of suffering swiped from the face of this polluted earth of human self-destruction?  Do you not wish to see the world come together, working in peace, living in harmony and loving each other with all our hearts and souls?  Helping the poor, sharing and doing a good deed for our fellow people by cultivating appreciation and love for each other and planting a seed of hope in the hearts of fellow humankind who habituate this corrupt place is what God would want us to do.  He wants us to forge peace.  Is that too much to ask for?  Is it too much to ask by extending a kind hand to a fellow person in need, a fellow country in despair, a depleted society that needs help or a warzone that should not be there in the first place?  A kind gesture can go a long way in achieving peace.  As humans, we are intelligent enough to understand what this means.  We should and must think positive and do what our hearts tells us to do.  My heart aches with one wish.  It is to see the world unite as one.  What does your heart wish for…?

If your heart yearns for the same as mine then we can all help to bring back prosperity and togetherness.  Can we not do this my fellow brothers and sisters?

Does the saying not go:  ‘Through hard work comes success?’  I admit this would not be an easy task.  We cannot accomplish wiping out every worldly problem in a day but if we start now, by practicing one day at a time, we can get there eventually.  We can get a head start at achieving our aim, our goal BUT we must all work as one to achieve this.

Try envisioning a world where everyone cares for each other genuinely, where everyone loves each other with their entire being, where everyone finds peace with their neighbors, families and friends, where we are ONE forever UNITED and at PEACE.

I urge you all to write your future not on the wind but in your hearts and strive to accomplish a better place that once existed so many centuries ago.  For ONLY YOU can make a DIFFERENCE!

Now, may the love, mercy and blessings of our God grace us all the days of our lives as we make a start by enacting this message physically!

From: Amanda Writes xx

God bless us all.

‘No one is above another, for we all are EQUAL in the eyes of God.’