With breathtaking characters—both main and secondary—that come alive on the page and having a will of their own, a distinct plot popping with high octane drama, a 1531807_894109680651678_6070268448912148034_nblooming and fascinating romance, red-hot sexual chemistry, stunning and picturesque scenery, engaging dialogue, and a writing style that sparkles with life makes THE GREEK’S PREGNANT BRIDE, the second story in Harlequin’s SOCIETY WEDDINGS, by Michelle Smart a must-read!

Christian Markos has lived life to satisfying fulfillment. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. He has everything a rich, powerful man could ever possess. Except there is one thing his money cannot buy…his best friend’s sister, the woman who steals his every breath!

Alessandra Mondelli has made mistakes in the past…we all do. Being an offspring from the classy Mondelli family, society judges her by her past. When she discovers she is unwed and pregnant, it is only right that she corrects her mistake by agreeing to Christian’s honorable proposal: marriage.

Harlequin Presents/ Mills & Boon fans are in for a lavishly decadent and sumptuously delicious treat with a hero who makes you droll (who doesn’t love a filthy rich, gorgeous Greek?) and a heroine who encompasses today’s modern woman: strong, resilient, independent and courageous…



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