MIDWIFE’S BABY BUMP by Susanne Hampton

MIDWIFE’S BABY BUMP by Susan Hampton is a touching story set amid a medical backdrop.11012997_879518288777905_2686657835421229951_n

Flick, a midwife, shares one passionate night with the sexy Dr. Tristan Hamilton. The next morning, the doctor is gone but Flick has other things on her mind after finding out that her one-night escapade has left her with life changing consequences. She is pregnant! After much emotion churning thoughts, she decides to tell the baby’s father the good news. She is however, flabbergasted at Tristan reaction when she spills her little secret. Why isn’t he thrilled?

Susan Hampton’s brand new medical romance is a cozy read. The story grips you from the very first page to the very last – an overall, compellingly emotional read! Well done, Susan.

I most certainly recommend this to all medical romance book lovers.
5/5 Stars


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