Kat Cantrell’s PRINCESS AND THE PLAYER is a fun and interesting read. The story is beautifully written. Th24885398e characters come to life between the pages and their personal stories unfold beautifully. The issue of an arranged marriage gives the plot an intense backdrop and I especially love the opening scene with the macaws.

Bella Montoro is a strong, beautiful and capable woman…a princess who knows what she wants and knows just the right way to get what she wants: do things her way! Until she is charged with changing her ways and marrying a man of someone else’s choice! But she cannot stand to marry Will Rowling and what better way to make her point by zooming in on his very delicious twin brother James?

Yep. Bella wants the black sheep in the Rowling family and what Bella wants Bella gets!

Although James Rowling has quite the charm for making women drool in and out of bed, he keeps his emotions locked away behind a shield. He has never cared for any woman before but that is all to change. In walks Bella, a breath of fresh air, who flips his world upside down. They grow close to each other, their feelings so strong, so intense. Until one wicked secret comes to James attention and for once he vows to fight for a woman…a woman who he loves!

Kat Cantrell is a talented writer and the characters in her stories are so touching it lays bare emotions of true human feelings.

Most Definitely Recommended

5/5 Stars


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