WOMAN by Amanda Shivrattan

I dedicate this poem to each woman living on Mother Earth. God made us as special beings. We are the ones who give life to this world. As such, we are worthy of every opportunity that exists…to spread our wings, to take flight to places our hearts desire.

I am a woman and I know the road is not always smooth but even when my heart is down, even when my soul gives up, even when darkness surrounds me, even when the world is against me, I pick myself up from the ground and I forge ahead, I strive for something better, I work towards something greater because all I want is to see a smile on another person’s face. By doing a good deed, by uttering a kind word, or by offering a simple gesture we give hope to our sons and daughters, to our family and friends, to strangers who cross our paths.

I am a woman, spirited and free. Aren’t all woman just the same? We are the wind, we give life. So be proud of who you are. Give yourself a tap on the shoulder. For your equal is YOU, oh woman!


Oh woman-
Like a Phoenix, you rose from the dust
Wings of strength protect your body
You are invincible
You are mighty
You are strong in your own feminine way.
Oh woman,
You are life
You breathe your power into all
You make man worthy to see the world
You are wisdom
You are honesty
You are mother to all 
Oh woman,
Shine as bright as the sun
Let your light be at the dark tunnel for every man
Oh woman,
Do not be afraid.
Go…spread your wings and fly
Soar like the birds of the air, meld with the cerulean skies and touch the clouds
Just fly…
Oh woman,

You are mother
You are life
Oh woman-


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