HIS BEST FRIEND’S BABY by Susan Carlisle

HIS BEST FRIEND’S BABY by Susan Carlisle is a riveting tug-at-your-heart read.His-Best-Friends-Baby

Set in Melbourne amid a medical background, Ryan Matthew s executes his role as hero with quiet perfection. His gifted hands delivering healthy and bouncing babies into the world is one thing to admire. But it is the way he treats his best friend’s wife which makes him an angel on earth. His goodness, his care, his passion but most of all his love makes this man a worthy hero…and a true son of the soil.

Phoebe Taylor on the other hand is a strong, resilient, passionate and amazing woman. She showcases her strength, compassion and love in a calm and positive way that spreads warmth into your soul.

In the end of this refreshing story, love wins and the characters get their deserving HEA—the hero wins his heroine and a baby he vows to love, protect and care for.

Gripping, stirring, and emotionally touching…A PERFECT MEDICAL READ!

Highly Recommended

5/5 Stars



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