Amanda Writes


RESISTING THE SICILIAN PLAYBOY by Amanda Cinelli is simply brilliant. The plot is entertaining and descriptions vivid. The characters are strong, independent and
successful in their own right. Leo is the perfect alpha and Dara is a stunning match for him! This is an author whose work I would look forward toreading and re-reading in the future. Her talent shines and sparkles in this splendid story. I guarantee fellow romance readers would not be disappointed with this brand new Presents author!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


Leo Valente is as notorious as the tabloids make him out to be. But feisty wedding planner Dara Devlin isn’t deterred; she needs his family estate for her top client, so boldly accepts Leo’s outrageous challenge to be his fake girlfriend!

If Dara thinks her sensible suit and unwavering professionalism will discourage him she’s mistaken. They only make Leo want to get beneath her buttoned up exterior all the more!

Surrounded by the imposing walls and haunting memories of his opulent Sicilian castello, seducing Dara is the perfect diversion and claiming her will be this playboy’s ultimate prize.


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