Amanda Writes, take on reviewing books.

Initially when I signed up on WordPress, I had no clue my life would take a drastic turn for the better. I can vividly remember wracking my mind for the ‘right’ post to christen my shiny new blog. After intense procrastination I settled on the title ‘a leap of faith.’ Indeed it has been a leap of faith for me. Even as I struggle to find my grasp on the whole new idea of creating meaningful posts back in 2014 on a regular basis, I knew it was a lot to ask of myself.

I love to write.

Writing makes my life meaningful.

Yet why does the very thought of updating my blog regularly feel like a gigantic leap of faith, I will never understand.

About a month ago, I took a huge leap of faith AGAIN. I took a step into an unknown territory by combining my love for reading and my love for writing, blending the two together. It wasn’t before long that I came up with Amanda Writes. Up until this hour I still marvel at the level of exposure my reviews have received. It has been my pleasure to have read and reviewed books for quite a few bestselling and professionally recognized authors.

Yup, my leap of faith months ago gives me a sense of pride today as I type up this post. My love for writing has benefited me immensely and I don’t see myself changing this hobby of mine any time soon.

So cheers to everyone taking leaps of faith into the unknown. You guys rock!

Amanda Writes xxx


4 thoughts on “Amanda Writes, take on reviewing books.

  1. Well done Amanda I have been reviewing for a few years now and love it although I don’t often have confidence in them I enjoy reading and writing them

    Have fun


  2. Fabulous post Amanda! What a brilliant way to combine your love of reading and writing. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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