Analyzing Reader Reviews

I’ve been reviewing a number of books lately and since my reviews are my opinions how I perceive the stories I’ve read got me procrastinating on a whole different aspect on reader reviews.  I wondered about other readers’ book reviews (good vs. bad) posted on the web by lovers of the written language. In the process of doing so, two questions stood out in my thoughts.

 1) Do readers buy books because reviews and ratings are five stars?

2) Do readers NOT buy books because of low ratings and poor reader reviews?

The above questions are open for answers by anyone who post reviews in their own words about what they think of a book they’ve read. I know each reader has his/her opinion on whether they’ve enjoyed a book or not. The thing is this. Some readers may read a particular genre and enjoy it more than others. Some readers may enjoy reading multiple genres whilst some readers read one genre whereas other readers may enjoy the same genres…so why the rambling you might ask?

Then here is my explanation or rather the questions regarding the explanation I wish to convey.

Would an avid reader of ONLY paranormal books be biased when they rate and review a medical romance poorly? Would an avid reader of ONLY contemporary romances be biased if they rate and review historical novels poorly? And the contradicting genres list can go on.

In my opinion, I think some reviewers have been harsh on authors. I’ve seen it, I’ve read it and I know so…because I’ve read the same books and enjoyed the story a lot. So would you, the reader, rate and post poor reviews on books in genres you DO NOT normally read because you did not like the book at all?

I’d love to hear your responses, so do stop by and leave your opinion in comments section.

Amanda Writes xxx


4 thoughts on “Analyzing Reader Reviews

  1. Hi Amanda

    I read across all of the genres in romance and write reviews that I hope come from heart about how I felt about the story and the writing if I don’t like the book I normally do not write a review because just the fact that I didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it and I don’t want people to think that way I have a girlfriend who if she sees a 1 star read she will buy the book and read it and more often than not enjoy it so each to their own 🙂

    Have Fun

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  2. I have been known to opt for books that have particularly bad reviews. The reason being my curious nature. I want to know what all the fuss is about. Mixed reviews won’t hold my attention but yes the bad reviews (sometimes more than the good reviews) help sell books. They pique curiosity.

    And yes, my review is my opinion of the story, the characters and all.

    It also depends on what genre you’re a reader of. I don’t necessarily like paranormal but I have read a few and enjoyed them too. So me saying that a book is not worth the time simply means that is true or me and it may or may not be true for you if you like that particular genre.

    I like reading History, Politics and all. Some people look at me weird as if saying who reads all that for fun? I do. It differs person to person.

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