There is not one Liz Fielding romance that I have not enjoyed thoroughly and I say so with pride.24452035

Vettori’s Damsel in Distress is warm, sensual and funny. The setting is mesmerizing and the characters are entertaining and wholesome. Dante Vettori played the role of a perfect hero…a dark and handsome gentleman, and he blew me away. I thought it was kind of him to offer Angelica assistance. (I would have wanted someone to help me out too if I were in the same situation!) Angelica Amery is witty and strong. The dialogues and banter flows effortlessly, giving the reader picturesque visuals on the blossoming romance and scenery.

Angelica Amery has had enough, so she packs her bags and heads to Milan to write a new chapter in her life. Except when she arrives the reality that the apartment she’d rented doesn’t exist greets her. She’d been conned! Not knowing what else to do, she dejectedly enters a nearby café where she meets a dark and handsome Italian knight who apparently for some reason comes to her rescue. As Dante and Geli get acquainted, one thing leads to another and before you know it, sparks start flying helter-skelter. Would Geli and her Italian knight get their HEA even with Dante’s complicated life hovering like a dark cloud over the H?

An absolutely breathtaking novel!

Recommended Read
5/5 Stars


Her Italian knight…

Angelica Amery has come to Milan for a fresh start, only to find that the bijou apartment she’d rented doesn’t exist! Taking refuge in a nearby café, she meets enigmatic but darkly handsome Dante Vettori, who comes to her rescue…

What else could Dante do? He feels responsible for Geli, and that’s before he kisses her! But soon this unconventional English girl is playing havoc with his complicated life and emotions, throwing into stark relief just how much Dante needs rescuing right back!


One thought on “VETTORI’S DAMSEL IN DISTRESS by Liz Fielding

  1. I love this! Who hasn’t wanted to pack up and start over at some point?

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