THE PERFECT CAZORLA WIFE by Michelle Smart is sinfully delicious. Raul and Charley shared a stormy marriage and hence their relationship fell apart. Even though they still had feelings for e24885443ach other, they never once connected in the two years they’ve been estranged, but now, even when their divorce is weeks away from finalization, Charley sashays back into Raul’s life. She needs his help. Raul is stubborn into giving into Charley’s request, eventually in the end agrees. But he has his own stipulations in helping his wife. She must grace his bed for four months. Badly needing any help Raul has to offer, she agrees. And so the drama begins…

Charley is impulsive and daring. She says things like…’Are seriously serious?’ and her energy and her determination makes for a strong woman who knows just what she wants. Raul is devastatingly hot and somewhat proprietorial towards Charley yet all he wants is to make her happy even if it means giving her every worldly possession she desires.

In the end, The Perfect Cazorla Wife is a well written, super sexy, super angsty read and Ms. Smart’s fans would definitely enjoy this story until the last page.

5 Stars


“Nothing in life comes free, cariño.”

Charley Cazorla strides uninvited into the exclusive Barcelona party, steeling herself against facing her soon-to-be ex-husband. With her dreams for the children’s center that she’s dedicated her new life to slipping away, proud and powerful Raul is Charley’s last hope.

Except Charley underestimates the depth of Raul’s fury toward her. In return for saving her business, the suave Spaniard demands his own brand of payment: Charley must resume her role as the perfect Cazorla wife—in every sense!

Back in her husband’s imposing world, their all-consuming lust rekindles. Can Charley escape its hold a second time?


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