Kadar Soheil Airmoez’s brain is working extra time trying to figure out the true character of the beautiful woman he is aiding. Is she a damsel in distress? Or is she a thief? Whatever she is….Kadar knows one thing very clear without him having to contemplate hard and earnestly. She’ll grace his bed for sure even before the stunning Turkish sun sets. Amber Jones is more than meets the eyes. Yes, she is one helluva beauty but her life hasn’t been a smooth, obstacle free road. She has been betrayed and is seeking to follow in the footsteps of her very, very great grandmother. On her adventure, Amber meets a very sexy stranger. Sparks fly and romance brews and it isn’t before long that things steam up between the sheets…

In CAPTIVE OF KADAR, author Trish Morey paints a vividly descriptive picture as she captures Kadar and Amber’s romance perfectly even whilst the magically exotic Istanbul adds decadence to this beautiful story.


4.5 Stars


Kadar Soheil Amirmoez couldn’t keep his eyes off the blond-haired beauty strolling through Istanbul’s ancient marketplace. So when he sees her in trouble, Kadar is only too willing to act…

Amber Jones has never met such an intensely commanding man as Kadar. Her reactions to him both scare and excite her—maybe that’s because he is at first her hero, then her captor!

This wasn’t the journey of exploration Amber came to Istanbul for, but as the exotic atmosphere seduces her, she soon becomes his willing captive and he a very attentive keeper!