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Annie West knows just how to draw her readers into her stories. SEDUCING HIS ENEMY’S DAUGHTER is deliciously wicked and devastatingly hot! Donato and Ella felt so real you just want to meet them!

All Donato Salazar had on his mind when he agreed to marry his enemy’s daughter was revenge. His intention had been to jilt his bride-to-be at the altar. But when Ella Sanderson refuses his proposal, Donato sets out to show her every reason why she should say yes, one touch at a time. He truly wants her.

Ella could see right through Donato Salazar’s guise. She knows what he is capable of so no wonder she refused his marriage proposal. However, when she starts to find pleasure in spending time with this super sexy man, Ella discards her rebellious nature by falling helplessly for Donato’s seduction. She knows she shouldn’t want him yet…her heart and body yearns for him like no other and accepting his proposal doesn’t seem like a big deal just then!

The chemistry between Donato and Ella bursts off the pages, making this story an entertaining and fun read!

Highly Recommended
5/5 Stars


Just a pawn in Salazar’s game?

Donato Salazar can’t forget his tragic past and he has no intention of forgiving the man responsible. Jilting his enemy’s daughter will be the icing on the cake of his revenge, and beautiful Ella Sanderson is certainly sweet enough.

Except Ella isn’t the vacuous socialite he expected and she refuses to marry him! Her rebelliousness only makes Donato want her more, so he’ll have to persuade her…touch by breathtaking touch. But soon Donato finds himself enthralled by their magnetic connection.

As their fake wedding day approaches, one question weighs heavily on Donato’s mind: to love, honor…