FALLING FOR THE RELUCTANT SHEIKH by author Amalie Berlin blew my mind away!

Khalil has his dark demons to face. As the reigning prince, his duties overshadow everything else. However, even this prince has made terrible, life changing decisions. Suffering from insomnia due to nightmares of failing to save his brother, Khalil knows he needs help and soon. And the only person who can save him from the beasts roaming in the dark recesses of his soul is sleep therapist Dr. Adalyn Quinn.

Adalyn travels across the world to treat her client, Prince Khalil, on her brother’s persistent urgings even though she gets the jitterbugs when flying in aircrafts. As her job at hand takes precedence, she however cannot fight the attraction towards her patient who is everything a woman can desire in a man. Khalil may have his demons but she has hers too.

Then the sparks catch fire…

As the scorching desert sun sets, a different kind of heat takes over, engulfing Khalil and Adalyn in its flames. The only thing left is for them to tackle their problems together!

Overall, I think this is a brilliant medical romance. It has the touch of extravagance and high society class to its storyline and I personally feel the author executed her writing with perfection. The dialogue is full of zest. The characters are well-developed and likable. The plot is intricately woven with high strung emotions and twists and turns due to thoroughly researched plot points. This story is definitely worth re-reading and fans are in for one heck of a medical treat!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


Falling for a desert prince…

Sleep therapist Dr. Adalyn Quinn has had difficult patients before…but gorgeous Prince Khalil Al-Akkari presents a whole new challenge! Darkly brooding, and haunted by the night he failed to save his brother, Khalil is the last man Adalyn should desire…

But as they share long nights under a desert moon it becomes impossible to deny their sizzling chemistry. Can Adalyn help Prince Khalil recover the peace that eludes him…even if it means unlocking the heart she’s protected for so long?


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