Amy 26088927Ruttan delivers an entertaining read that transports readers into a world of blissful romance set amidst the backdrop of the medical field.

Sharp, witty and descriptive, ONE NIGHT IN NEW YORK is sure to keep readers turning the pages!

This novel tells the story of Dr. Mindy Walker who is escaping her past and an ex husband not fit for nothing. Then in walks Dr. Samuel Napier who sweeps Mindy off her feet. Though a tad bit younger than her, Mindy finds Sam attractive and they share an incredible bond with each other. They part as mutual friends not knowing that Sam, impersonating as a Scotsman is actually a colleague at work! Could they share something passionately life changing?

5/5 Stars


Scandal in the city! 

Arriving in New York, renowned surgeon Mindy Walker is looking forward to a fresh start in the city. So she definitely doesn’t expect to find herself working alongside last night’s very uncharacteristic one-night stand—gorgeous resident Dr. Sam Napier!

Unknowingly sleeping with his new boss is catastrophic for Sam—he’s determined to become a successful pediatric surgeon on his own merit, and if this scandal gets out it could ruin both their careers!

But as the fiery sparks continue to fly, resisting one another becomes practically impossible…


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