Amanda Writes (1)

1015-9780373133772-bigwREUNITED FOR THE BILLIONAIRE’S LEGACY by Jennifer Hayward is the second book in The Tenacious Tycoon series. It tells the story of Diana Taylor and Coburn Grant.

Ms. Hayward has done an incredible job penning this story. With the right words the author brings out the raw emotions her characters feel, giving readers a clear perspective to the renewed romance that builds with each chapter. The characters are strong, resilient and well-developed. And for me Diana proves to be the one with the most strength and self-will to face her problems head on. Coburn has the will of a warrior and his strength and his masculine grace makes him the perfect hero for his heroine. The dialogue is edgy and the chemistry just catches fire between the pages…

Will Diana and Coburn reach the pinnacle of their HEA without obstacles distracting them or would they have to fight a battle of will to claim the happiness they so rightfully deserve?

Overall, REUNITED FOR THE BILLIONAIRE’S LEGACY is a beautiful story and the perfect escape read for fans needing a timeout from a long day of hard work. Sit back, prop your feet up and enjoy!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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