Amanda Writes

Cole Montgomery does not do love anymore because he has experienced the side effects of it firsthand. Since he doesn’t love he doesn’t expect anyone to love him back. His parents were proof of what loving s1015-9780373070732-bigwomeone could do if things went south. Therefore he keeps himself hidden away from the world, closing himself off from feeling any emotion at all. He likes what he does for a living. Being a doctor gives him alternatives to free his mind off his own problems. When his brother scoots off with his lady love on a family vacation, Cole is left to run the clinic. Since Cole’s sister-in-law is the Nurse Practitioner at the clinic, his brother hires Dr. Elisabeta Silva to help.

Dr. Silva, better known as Lizzie has always had bad luck. After her grandmother’s death when she was merely ten, Lizzie has seen more foster homes than she could count. These homes lacked basic incentives that a child needs…for instance love. Until at one foster home, she meets a woman who has helped in changing her life. As an adult she has had to cope with a fair deal of her own heartbreaks. It hasn’t been easy for her. When the opportunity arises for her to work in Wyoming she jumps at it with all the passion in her. It is in Wyoming that Lizzie finds a different kind of love in the form of the very broody Cole!

But will Cole have a change of heart and love again?

I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to fellow readers! It has a warm touch to it even though the medical field plays a small but vital role in contributing to the H/h’s HEA.

5/5 Stars


Mother and baby make three… 

When famed cardiologist Cole Montgomery returns home for his brother’s wedding, a medical emergency means he must stay and care for his father. He hires Dr. Lizzie Silva to help, but he doesn’t expect her to be so beautiful…or to show up with a tiny daughter!

Single mom Lizzie has had a hard life, but working alongside scrumptious Cole reminds her that romance doesexist! She can see him falling for her little daughter…does she dare hope that this notorious bachelor might fall for her, too?

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