HOT-SHOT DOC, SECRET DAD by Lynne Marshall


HOT SHOT DOC SECRET DAD by Lynne Marshall is a test of faith and character strength.

Trevor Montgomery is trustworthy and reliable when it comes to his family and friends. Wanting to be closer to his sick mom and dad, he moves to his community and start his practice helping the hometown.

But living close to his family made it a duty for him to help out at the family ranch when need arises. So he hires a Nurse Practitioner who he soon realizes was a woman who he had shared a wonderful night with almost thirteen years ago, when they both were too young to settle down.

Julie Sterling has returned to her little hometown of Wyoming after her parents had passed on. But she has kept a secret all these years and seeing Trevor again opens Pandora’s Box. Trevor doesn’t know he has a son and Julie’s son has no clue Trevor is his father.

Working for Trevor is one thing but with him apologizing for the night they’d spent was another. With the secret weighing down on her mind, Julie blurts the truth out the same day she’d been hired. Trevor’s reaction is not what she had expected. Trevor clams up and hides in his own kinda shell giving Julie the impression he does not care he has a son. But for Trevor the feeling is different, He does want his son in his life but most of all he wants his son’s mother by his side too.

The only problem between Trevor and Julie now is for Trevor to reveal his feelings regarding this shocking revelation.

Author Lynne Marshall is such a dedicated writer. Her books have high strung emotions flitting off the pages as she tests and tempt her characters so much that in the end their HEA comes together so beautifully!

Fans are in for a wonderful story!

5/5 Stars


“You’re the father!” 

Nurse Julie Sterling is risking everything to return to the hometown she left, heartbroken and pregnant, all those years ago. It’s the best chance to give her son the stability he craves, but there’s one small problem…her new hot-shot boss, doctor and cowboy Trevor Montgomery, is her son’s father!

Trevor’s never forgotten his one night with Julie, but discovering he’s a dad makes him realize what he’s been missing all these years! Can he convince Julie that he wants to be part of her life…forever?


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