THE KING’S MAN by Alison Stuart

Amanda Writes

THE KING’S MAN by Alison Stuart is an artfully splendid historical book that will leave you yearning for more!

Ms. Stuart has brought to life characters that are fascinating, compelling and full of life and the plot she has created is so intricately woven that it keeps the pages turning in this entertaining read. Full of depth and realism, this story will rivet you until the end. The dialogues are delivered with weighty assurance and endow the characters with its power. Carefully constructed back story and lofty descriptions add insight into a way of life so long ago.5271166

In THE KING’S MAN, Kit Lovell and Thamsine Granville’s story is told.

Hungry, alone and on the run, Thamsine Granville has lost everything. By lashing out at Oliver Cromwell, the man behind her demise, slugging his coach with a brick, Thamsine has automatically initiated her death wish. But she will fight until the end until a man rescues her from soldiers out to get her. Thamsine falls for her knight only to realize that his betrayal is not worth her love.

Kit Lovell is gambling, womanizer who lives off his wealthy mistress. When not cheating at cards, he’s plotting Oliver Cromwell’s death. But he has his secrets and his demons well kept behind a mask of bravery and rescuing one damsel will not divert him from his motive!

Overall, THE KING’S MAN is guaranteed to keep readers entertained and satisfied with the turn of events in the end.

5/5 Stars


2 thoughts on “THE KING’S MAN by Alison Stuart

  1. Oh I did love this one as I have all of Alison’s stories she is guaranteed to take us on wonderful journeys

    Have Fun

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