HIS 24-HOUR WIFE by Rachel Bailey

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HIS 24-HOUR WIFE by Rachel Bailey is a brilliant and charmingly romantic story with just the right touch of scandal sprinkled on top.

Adam Hawke is keeping a big fat secret. It’s three years now since he’s been attending business conferences in Las Vegas. But at these conferences it’s not all work and no play. Each year at the conferences, he hooks up with the stunning Callie Mitchell and they play hooky in the bedroom.

On their third year, however, things change in drastic proportions. Drunk and totally off their bearings, Adam and Callie get married in a whirlwind affair. The saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ is the opposite for them. Someone knows their secret and will wield it against them if Callie doesn’t back out from the promotion at work. Not wanting to create a scandal and feed fodder to the media, Adam and Callie cultivate the perfect plan to deflect the truth and make their marriage real for the world when really it’s a big fat lie!

But in the breathtaking world of high society living, as they play out their fake marriage for the world to gush over, Adam and Callie become closer than ever. The sizzling chemistry between them grows flagrant and out of control and what should have been a fake marriage becomes real and lasting.

His 24-Hour Wife is a perfect story with a perfect and deserving HEA. Ms. Bailey has woven together a novel worth re-reading and it was fun catching up with the other Hawke brothers and their beautiful partners.

Highly Recommended
5/5 Stars


Their Vegas marriage should have ended the morning after, but this fling just might last a lifetime. Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Rachel Bailey!

What happened in Vegas didn’t stay there for CEO Adam Hawke and go-getter Callie Mitchell. And their drunken lark of a wedding is coming back to haunt them. Because Adam and Callie are now working together, and she’s being blackmailed over their very personal connection by a coworker. To deflect the threat, Callie and Adam make their sham marriage look real. But the passion that ensues is no sham. Could their wedding lark have real wings after all?


2 thoughts on “HIS 24-HOUR WIFE by Rachel Bailey

  1. Oh I did love this one and all of the stories in this series MS Bailey writes such great stories that will leave you with a smile 🙂
    A story not to be missed

    Have Fun

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