A BABY TO BIND THEM by Susanne Hampton


A BABY TO BIND THEM by Susanne Hampton A Baby to Bind Them by Susanne Hampton is beautiful and passionate. The characters are three-dimensional. Each has flaws and issues. Yet they command attention. The story draws you in from page one. The medical drama creates dimension. This gives the story purpose. Jade Grant, the heroine, is smart and lovable. She spends her life helping others. You have to love her. But her niece changes her life’s course. This challenges her. But Jade takes it all in one stride. What a brave woman! Mitchell Forrester, the hero, is full of life. All he wants is to keep his niece and Jade happy. Will Jade fall for his charms? Overall, A Baby to Bind Them will wriggle into your heart and tug at your heartstrings hard.

4.5 Stars