TALOS CLAIMS HIS VIRGIN by Michelle Smart (5 Stars)

Amanda Writes (1)


If I had to choose one of my favorite Michelle Smart book I’d pick up Talos Claims His Virgin. The first book in the Kalliakis Crown trilogy has taken me on an entertaining journey. Ms. Smart paints a scenic picture from page one. The characters are likable and well-developed. So much that they jump right out at you. I personally love the way the author reveals the characters’ back-story…a little bit at a time. This fuels the urge to keep reading. The plot is intricately woven in such a way that you cannot put the book down. Talos, the hero is one heck of an alpha. He is arrogant, funny, broody and emotional all wrapped in one. But deep down Talos carries a heavy burden, the cause being a not so perfect childhood. Amalie Cartwright, the heroine, is feisty, strong and funny at times as much as she is a brilliant violinist. But she has fears like anyone else. Those fears are so big but Talos makes it his duty to help her overcome it. But being so close to each other ignites a flame that turns into a full-on blaze and it is not before long that they are in each other’s arms.

Overall, Talos Claims His Virgin by Michelle Smart is a good story that leaves you breathlessly satisfied. I’d recommend it to all romance readers.

Highly Recommended


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