HER CHRISTMAS BABY BUMP by Robin Gianna (4.5 Stars)

Amanda Writes


I’ve always marveled at the wonders of IVF. No amount of research or reading material could enlighten me on such a thing. I will forever be amazed and even though I have never met anyone who has gone through with the process or thinking of going through with the process, I was glad to have met Hope Sanders. You see, Hope is a midwife and she is thinking of having a baby using IVF. What makes a single woman chose such a path? This character Hope answers many of my questions. She gives me insight into her life, her thoughts, her fears and her weaknesses. She sheds light on her love life or lack thereof. She is strong and she is thinks with her head. I love how brave she is when she faces the world yet deep down there is a part of her that is incomplete. A baby will fill the void. Only one man could make her double think… I view Dr. Aaron Cartwright as a man who thinks long and hard before he attempts to do anything in his life. He is not an introvert but he loves keeping to himself. He knows Hope just by seeing her in the hospital corridors. One day the two of them gets close. Their chemistry ratio explodes. They have a fling. But Aaron is one man who is allergic to long relationships. But with unexpected turn of events he might just need to reconsider his priorities…

(I tried as hard as possible not to give away any spoilers but all I can say is that Aaron and Hope get the HEA they deserve!)

Her Christmas Baby Bump is a deeply touching, deeply moving story. It is about two people who have had to carry heavy burdens in their past but through their current relationship builds something strong and lasting. This newly blossoming relationship will carry them through into the future and give them the love they need to remain strong and happy.


2 thoughts on “HER CHRISTMAS BABY BUMP by Robin Gianna (4.5 Stars)

  1. I’m reading this at the moment, and while the story itself is lovely and I’m enjoying it, I’m also frustrated as I’ve been through ivf and it is nothing like it’s portrayed in the book.
    I know this is fiction, but I’m just annoyed that women read this and think ivf is easy and quick and always works, when the truth is the complete opposite.

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