Amanda Writes (1)


Author Kate James’ WHEN THE RIGHT ONE COMES ALONG brims with emotional intensity. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride! Brilliant writing transports readers into a sentimental place filled with deeply moving moments of spell-binding drama and heartbreak which is eventually healed with a balm called love. Keep a box of tissues close-by because the characters’ journey in this beautifully written story will have you wiping a tear or two.

Calen Palmer is seriously injured when he and his canine partner Scout, put themselves in harm’s way to save victims from a massive earthquake that hit San Diego. He is sent to Ocean Crest Hospital for treatment where he is cared for by Jessica Hansen, a trauma surgeon.

By doctor’s orders, he must stay off his feet for a few weeks but what happens to Scout? His canine friend needs his exercise. So Cal asks his brother Drew to help out with Scout, but the dog is rambunctious and Drew has no other choice but to return Scout to Cal. Cal recalls the way Jessica and Scout had bonded, so he decides to ask her for her help. She agrees to helping out with Scout and so a friendship builds.

Cal and Jessica become more than just acquaintances, but as always, obstacles block them from reaching their HEA. If they desire a lasting, forever-after life together, they must solve the problems standing in their way.

Ms. James’ novel draws you in from page one, and leaves you feeling happy and then tormented as the crisis point breaks but eventually she brings her characters together in the most beautiful and deserving way. This is one Harlequin Heartwarming story you should not miss!

Highly Recommended


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