Steamy, intense and engrossing… Kate Walker delivers a drama packed story in her latest book Destined for the Desert King. The story is captivating so much it would have you turning the pages in need to know what will happen next between the characters. You’d be surprised how quickly you reach the end. Sheikh Nabil is the king of Rhastaan and so he needs a queen. Years ago, when he was just a boy, he lost his wife, Sharmila, to a bullet meant for him. Ever since then he has become a changed man. It is during a function held at the palace that his life would change forever. On the palace balcony he meets a woman, Zia. She introduces herself as a maid. But the way Zia makes his body awaken under her quiet gaze, her soft lips…Nabil swoops down and claims Zia’s mouth. The powerful reaction he experiences makes him want her but he is swift to walk away so sure he would never have to cross the maid’s path ever again. But the shock of his life comes when Nabil chooses a queen. On his wedding night when he removes the veil from his new wife, his outburst is funny…(You’ll have to find out for yourself)
Aziza has always been the spare wheel, the other daughter, the ugly one… She was more of a burden to her parents than a daughter. In her parents’ eyes, her father especially, she could never reach the standards of her beautiful sister Jamalia. This makes her hold herself in low-esteem. It is during chaperoning her sister at an event held by Sheikh Nabil that Aziza crosses path with the dark, imposing king…someone she once knew as a boy. The little boy has grown up to become dark and irresistible… Aziza introduces herself to Nabil as Jamalia’s maid. But seeing her childhood crush as a grown man awakens her body in a way it has never been awakened before. And when Nabil kisses her on the dark palace balcony the physical intensity has been instantaneous! Now you might think the story has been predictable so far, but what happens from here on is unpredictable. Ms. Walker shocked me good and well with Nabil’s story. But I am disappointed there was no epilogue to tie up two unanswered questions at the end. You’ll need to read the book to know what I am talking about. But overall the story captures your attention. You’ll be hooked even though there were minor flaws in the storyline.

4 Stars


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