ESCAPE TO PARADISE by Robyn Rychards

25161639Okay, so I have never read a book by this author before now. This is my first and I must say that I am surprised to find I enjoyed this story as I would with any other! Robyn Rychards has woven a convincing and emotionally stirring story in her book Escape to Paradise. Andree Bancroft lives the high life most people could only fantasize about on the dreamy island of St. Barthelemy. But when the depressed and alcoholic Maximillian (Lian) Chanteur crosses her path, everything changes in her quiet solitude. Lian’s dysfunctional life and the loss of his music have taken a toll on him. Andree helps him unwound the knots tying him captive and with her help brings Lian’s confidence back; so that he can face the world once again. Then things happen between them that cannot be undone. What’s a romance without romance mate? And what’s a romance without hurdles? (I won’t give away any spoilers) All I can say is that I enjoyed reading and (seeing) the H/h get through their problems and the ending…beautifully done.

4.5 Stars


3 thoughts on “ESCAPE TO PARADISE by Robyn Rychards

  1. Thanks for such a glowing review Amanda! Glad you enjoyed it!

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