The Surgeon’s Christmas Wish is Annie O’Neil’s debut medical romance novel. I thought this was a good debut story. Dr. Tara Braxton now lives an isolated life where she runs a ski injury clinic after she left New York when her fiancé had double-crossed her and in so doing hurt her deeply. She has sworn off men forever – mostly because she doesn’t want to experience pain from a double crossing man ever again. It’s a few weeks before Christmas and Tara has hired Fraser Mackenzie, a surgeon in the British Royal Marines to assist her. However she is bowled over by Fraser (he is hot!) and is startled when her body responds to him. Fraser ruffles her nerves and makes her yearn for intimate release. But – there is always a ‘but’ – Fraser is commitment shy and is constantly changing his address maybe because settling down is off his radar… But Tara isn’t the only one with secrets better kept in the dark. Fraser has issues too. Issues that play a major role in his current nomadic, commitment shy state. The way the author resolves the issues surrounding Tara and Fraser brings the curtain down on this wonderful medical romance filled with energy and character strength.

4 Stars


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