Marissa Ellis returns to Cedar Cove to care for her aunt Violet. Just next door to her aunt’s place lives her deceased best friend’s husband and his three adorable daughters. Marissa remembers the promise she’d made to Liz to be there for her daughters whenever they needed her. So that may be a good reason to return to Cedar Cove too as she tries to take her mind off her divorce and the brute that her cheating husband has turned out to be. Returning could heal her… As the three little girls’ godmother, Marissa is constantly around them now that she is back in town and being with them also means she is around their father, Grady Parker too. Grady evades Marissa’s presence at first, but eventually he softens. Marissa and Grady has a connection between them and this connection is what takes the story forward and has you hooked… Three Reasons to Wed by Helen Lacey is a warm and fuzzy story with just the touch of drama to add depth to a good, well-written book.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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