25779367Antonio Cavallari suffers from amnesia after being involved in a terrible crash. When he returns home, he finds a woman there at his house. He doesn’t know this woman and he has no clue what this woman means when she tells him he is a father not to one baby but three! When did that happen? He has no memory of the day he’d done the deed. As if the baby news is not enough, the woman drops another bombshell—the woman claims she is the mother of the babies. Oh goodness. If he had fathered three babies with her then there must be memories, right? Antonio is out of his mind. To say he is confused is an understatement. But as the story becomes clearer with each chapter, all the questions are answered and Antonio understands the situation. He is the father of the babies, yes, but the mother of said babies isn’t his wife. She is actually his dead wife’s sister who had been a surrogate. Caitlyn Hopewell has always been infatuated with Antonio for years and now she has a chance to share something with him. When Antonio asks for her help in caring for the babies, she jumps at the chance. She can continue to care for Antonio’s children, be their mother. But as she spends more time with Antonio the attraction between them is inevitable. But what happens when Antonio’s memories return? Would things change? (But geez Caitlyn, Antonio was married to your sister and you were infatuated with him? Seriously?)
Overall, Triplets Under the Tree by Kat Cantrell was a good story. But I would have loved for Christmassy stuff to happen.

4 Stars


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