Hot Christmas Nights: A LoveCats DownUnder Box Set: Volume 1

Amanda Writes (1)


All She Wants For Christmas Rachel Bailey

Rachel Bailey opens up the anthology with a warm and beautifully written story. In it we meet Maddy and Samuel who have been separated after things did not work out between. Maddy wanted more than Samuel was willing to give in their relationship. However when Maddy arrives on the secluded island where Samuels resides sparks fly and things heat up between them pretty fast.

Christmas Wishes, New Year Kisses Michelle Douglas

A wonderful small town romance where best friends find love with each other. I enjoyed reading about Erin and Josh as they overcome their issues to finding their happy ever after.

Baby, It’s Hot Outside Louisa George

The hero and the heroine have demanding jobs. Danny is a policeman and Emma is a doctor. They both have had a wonderful life until something terrible happened and they went their separate ways. But now Emma is back in town for a friend’s wedding and the air stills sparks when she and Danny cross each other’s path. A warm and wonderful story!

Her Christmas Cowboy Helen Lacey

Elyse left Queensland to become a lawyer ten years ago. She left everything behind when she moved and that includes her boyfriend, Brett. When she returns to her home town Brett is still around. However, the Elyse that left is not the same person who has returned. Would these two past lovers renew their relationship and get the happy ever after they deserve? An engaging story full of trying times as Elyse and Brett work out the edges lingering between them…

Sleigh Bells In The Sand Stefanie London

Neve has arrived in Melbourne where she should be staying at a friend’s holiday house. She thought she’d be alone except she isn’t…staying at the house Damien and his dog Tilly. From here on things heat up and it isn’t before long that Damien and Neve relay their problems to each other…as the parks fly between them!

Millionaire Under The Mistletoe Kandy Shepherd

I enjoy reading stories written by Kandy Shepherd. Her books are always warm, emotional and entertaining. This short story is no different. In this Christmas short story we meet Carly a chef and Dylan. They parted four years ago under strained circumstances but now Carly is home for Christmas and the most unlikely candidate reunites her with Dylan…a cat named Morris. I enjoyed this one!

Her Small-Town Christmas Wish Jennifer St George

Fear can make people do things they never thought they do. For Giselle, fear sent her running away from home at just 16, never to return. But now she’s made it big. She’d become a pop singer. She lives in London and everything seemed to be going well for her. So she returns back to the place she’d left behind and it is back on home ground does Giselle realize that she needs closure from what had spun her into making that drastic choice when she’d been a teen and who better to help her than her closest friend, Jake?

Overall, the stories in Hot Christmas Nights were well-written, entertaining and deeply emotional. So I suggest you sit back, relax and enjoy.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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