SHADOW WOLF by Jenna Kernan



Shadow Wolf, Jenna Kernan’s debut Harlequin Intrigue novel is suspenseful, informative and engaging. The author weaves a convincing tale as the story unfolds. In Shadow Wolf, we meet Kino Cosen, the hero, who is tracking a drug lord by the name of Viper who had murdered his father in front of him years ago. It is on Kino’s quest for revenge and his search for his father’s killer that Lea Atlaha walks into his life. Kino wants to protect Lea from danger yet he is forced to take her along with him because she knows the identity of the Viper…

Constantly in each other’s presence a special and strong bond forms between Kino and Lea. Their romance blossoms amid danger. However, they have each other’s back every step of the way.

In the book we also meet Kino’s brothers who play vital roles in the story.

Overall, Shadow Wolf is a good solid book and a strong debut in the Intrigue line for author Jenna Kernan. With great dialogue, good writing, likable characters and informative prose especially about the Apache Indians, I look forward to reading the future books in the series.

4 Stars


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