BYSTANDER by Jacqui Jacoby


Bystander by Jacqui Jacoby tells the story of Sean an actor and Beth Hardwick who is a behind-the-scene writer. Sean is a man going through a phase in his life where he must think of his son Aidan. The Hollywood lifestyle he is accustomed to living is not the place where he wants to raise his kid. So he takes his son away from the limelight and courts the peace he yearns. He creates a show which is an outlet to keep him occupied yet grounded while he is close by for Aidan. During the process of getting his life in order, Sean meets Beth who is going through tough times with her relationship. They form a close bond and as their friendship grows, Sean and Beth help each other through the problems they both face. It’s a nice story with flawed characters and a steady pacing to keep you reading.

4 Stars


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