Amanda Writes (1)


The first book in Dani Collins brand new duet – The Wrong Heirs- is steamy, intense and passionate. In, The Marriage He Must Keep, we meet Alessandro, Octavia and some other very interesting characters who all add drama and tension between the pages.

Octavia never saw herself marrying the head of the Ferrante clan. In fact it was Sandro’s cousin, Primo who her father had chosen as her groom. But the moment Octavia laid eyes on Alessandro she knew she would never want another man as much as she wants him. When she and Sandro dance for the first time the chemistry sizzles and when he suggest she marry him she says yes. After their marriage, they share passionate nights in each other’s arms and Octavia gets pregnant. But for some reason Octavia and Sandro are exiled from each other. They live miles apart, she in the London mansion and he in Italy. At the mansion also lives Sandro’s mother and Primo, the evil conniving Primo. When Octavia goes into labor, she begs Primo to call an ambulance but Primo stalls because he has his own intentions. But as the pain grips her, Octavia calls the emergency number. She is rushed to the hospital where she gives birth to a son. However, when Octavia goes to the nursery to feed her baby she realizes something…the baby she’s holding isn’t hers. Even as she insists to the nurses the baby isn’t hers they assure her otherwise. From here on, the plot thickens and events, revelations and truths start to spiral out of control. This brings Octavia and Sandro closer. With their newborn son keeping them rooted, the story moves along with a good steady pace. Overall, The Marriage He Must Keep by Dani Collins will hook you from page one. It is intricately woven in such a way that tension, drama and angst rolls off the pages!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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