Max Firebrace lives a reclusive life ever since his wife passed away one and a half years ago. But when his friend’s cousin shows up at his front door seeking to work as his PA, Max never expected his life would change drastically. Cara Winstone is a determined and vibrant woman. When she sells her skills to Max on his front door she is lucky the broody businessman gives in and allows her for a ‘try out’ at the job. She passes. However, just as Cara starts to earn enough money to pay her rent, the landlord informs her she must move out of her London apartment. She crashes for a while at a friend’s house but insomnia takes a toll on her and Max notices. At first Max is cold and standoffish towards Cara and he makes Cara to know he will not tolerate her sudden lack of efficiency at work. When he finds out the real reason behind Cara’s inadequacy at work, he offers her to stay at his house. From here on, a few simple revelations clears the air between Max and Cara but just when they seem to get their bearings straight Cara out of an act of kindness thought she was doing Max good when she cleans his house. Cleaning one particular room blew Max’s fuse. Eventually Cara learns about Max’s wife and once they lay their hearts out, they draw closer to each other…

Unlocking Her Boss’s Heart by Christy McKellen is the author’s debut Harlequin Romance. Ms. McKellen’s writing is fresh and simple. The story in itself is clean and well-written. Overall, Unlocking Her Boss’s Heart is a fun and flirty romantic read sure to keep readers turning the pages until the end.

4 Stars


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