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If you’re looking for a steamy romance novel that is laden with sizzling sexual chemistry, power, high-octane drama, bold yet flawed characters and defying rivalries between royal families then pick up the first book in Jennifer Hayward’s Kingdoms and Crowns trilogy for Harlequin Presents!

After Prince Nikandros Constantinides is dumped by his lover Sofia Ramirez, they share one last night, one hot, hot night in each other’s arms and then they part ways for good or so they both think. After his break up, however, Nik is shocked with the ill-fate befallen on his family with the life-changing news his personal aide, Abram delivers to him. The crown prince, his brother was dead and his father had taken to bed after a heart attack due to his brother’s death. Now thrust into the role as king after his brother’s funeral, it is now up to Nik to take the reign of his tiny country and move it forward…eschewing the threat of war from neighboring Carnelia. Nik would even marry the Countess of Agiero to secure his country’s stability except destiny had its own plans for him. When Nik discovers Sofia carries the heir to his throne, his plans change and he only sees it fit to make Sofia his queen. It is from here on which makes this story interesting. It is the emotional battle between Sofia and Nik to do what’s right for their child and Nik’s struggle to protect his country, which unravels the plot and keeps you turning the pages… Overall, this is a fabulous new book by a talented author whose intricate storytelling brings out the best in her characters. So if you haven’t read a Jennifer Hayward novel yet then pick up this book, curl up in a comfy chair and prepare to be mesmerized!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars