Looking for angst and drama? Look no further. Author Michelle Smart’s final installment in her Kalliakis Crown trilogy is the angst bomb.


Author Michelle Smart is in her best writing form with the final installment of her Kalliakis Crown trilogy. With characters who take you on an emotional journey, to intense dialogue that draws you into the story and highly emotive prose that captures your interest from page one, Helios Crowns His Mistress never fails to entertain. The novel tells the story of Amy Green who is hired to curate exhibits for the jubilee celebration of Agon’s king, who however, had not anticipated on having an affair with the future king of Agon and then falling in love with him. But after finding out Helios must marry a woman of royal blood, Amy tries to leave only to be stopped by Helios. As the story unfolds, and as we get a glimpse of the characters at their darkest, most sensitive stage—as they are tested, as they are challenged with trials and must choose the path destined to them—makes this romance novel worth the time it takes to read the last word. So sit back, prop your feet up and be prepared to discover drama, angst, passion, and a scandalously forbidden romance that will seem impossible to resolve yet with Ms. Smart’s skill leads up to a happy ever after that promises to bind Helios and Amy forever.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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