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You are never disappointed after reading a Kathie DeNosky book. Ms. DeNosky’s stories are character driven romances featuring three-dimensional characters who are portrayed with such realism you cannot help but cheer them through their journey towards happy ever after. Tempted by the Texan is storytelling at its best. Ms. DeNosky is a raconteur who writes in such a beautiful way you as a reader live out every emotion, you see every description in vivid detail, and you experience every minute interaction that takes place between the pages, firsthand. The author’s iron-clad characters act out their roles with flawless ease. The dialogues are funny, informative and enhance overall reading. Fast paced and well-written, Tempted by the Texan tells the story of Jaron Lambert and Mariah Stanton. Jaron has had a childhood no one should ever experience. Abused as a kid and his mother murdered, at thirteen he finds out the truth about what his father had done. The spectre of emotional scars sparking from his experience as a child follows him into his adult life. He never speaks of his past and he lives with the notion that he could never settle down with a woman because he is fearful he might one day become like the man who played a part in bringing him into the world. When Mariah stalks into his life, the play of physical attraction existing between them for what seems like a lifetime gets out of control. Like a storm, Mariah engulfs him and Jaron is torn between making her his own and shoving her away because of the dark secrets lurking in his past. Sharing herself with him had been beautiful. Mariah made him crave for more. Being there in his house under the guise as housekeeper made the craving even more tempting. Mariah always desired him and she made it clear every single time they were in each other’s presence. Mariah on the other hand, is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding Jaron. It’s her mission to solve the puzzle that is Jaron Lambert and it is Jaron’s resistance at Mariah’s sweet innocence that makes this novel worth every word.Emotionally stirring and deeply touching, Tempted by the Texan, the final installment in ‘The Good, the Bad and the Texan’ series by author Kathie DeNosky beckons us to never underestimate the power of love even when we’ve lost sight of hope. It beckons us to move forward and claim the happiness we deserve—because we are allowed to be—even though our lives seem to pause because of a terrible incident in our past.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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