A Dangerously Sexy Christmas by Stefanie London is dangerously sexy – the title says it all! The storyline just pops with sizzle and fire. The romance is steamy and pulsing, the dialogues carry weight and the fresh prose just grabs your shirtfront and doesn’t let go. Rose Lawson aspires to become a jewelry designer and only recently moved back to New York from England after the death of her mother who she’d lived with for a number of years. Her father who she shares a strained relationship with is now the only family she has left. So it is up to Rose to build a bridge between her and her daddy dearest. But when a series of robberies take place her father is forced to hire a bodyguard to protect her. Max Ridgeway gave up his life in Australia and traveled to New York after he’d been dealt with a wrong set of cards in his life. He works at a security firm and is hired to protect Rose. It is on the job where Max finds himself by protecting Rose. Though Rose is headstrong and stubborn, the electrical spark between her and Max ignites the pages and makes this a satisfying read!

4 Stars


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