Zahir El Hashem is tasked with bringing back the Emir’s fiancée. Loyal and honest to his friend, the ruler of Bakhara, Zahir vows to do just that. Except princess Soraya Karim tempts him with her sexy antics. Zahir knows he should look the other way when it comes to Soraya but deep down the attraction burns hot. It is the play of temptation, the tug-o-war of loyalty, duty, family and friendship which makes this story engulf the pages with its fire. Zahir is too loyal to betray his friend whilst deep down he is torn apart with need for a woman forbidden to him. Soraya on the other hand doesn’t want to disappoint her family. But the whip lash tension and the slow but intense revelations that simmers between the H/h which makes the passion between them too hot to resist. Author Annie West makes this impossible relationship between Zahir and Soraya possible by skillfully maneuvering the plot to make her characters shine!

4 Stars


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