NAVY SEAL SPY by Carol Ericson

Amanda Writes (1)


Navy SEAL Spy is writing at its best. Ms. Carol Ericson brings high-octane, edge-of-your-seat suspense; sizzling romantic chemistry and danger to the page. And her crafty writing keeps you riveted until the end! In the book we meet Katie O’Keefe aka KC Locke who has managed to snag a job at Tempest where she is out seeking to bring the company down for the death of her foster brother. On one of her late night sneaky inspection of the company, Katie witnesses a murder and the equation is shifted. Tempest is truly responsible for the unusual deaths of their staff just as she had suspected. While she flees the murder scene so as not to get caught, the last person she expects to run into is her ex-flame, Liam McCabe. Liam is a former Navy Seal who now works for Prospero. His mission is to find out what Tempest is up to and put an end to whatever illegal activities they may be involved in. With the help of Katie, they work together in digging deep into Tempest’s IT network. They strategize on how to expose the company. When Katie finds favor in Mr. Romo, The Boss, she gets the chance to dig deeper into the company’s main system…but as the stakes get higher, as she and Liam get closer—intimately—danger closes in on them. It is the way Liam and Katie complete their mission that ups the ante and makes the ending worthwhile. Ms. Ericson plays with the human psyche of her characters and when they are at their most dangerous peak, she gives the reader immense satisfaction to reach the intense resolution at the same time with her characters!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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