Amanda Writes (1)


One Life-Changing Night by Louisa Heaton is an emotional rollercoaster ride. The author plays with her characters’ emotions so much I thought they’d never come together with the way things were going. Eventually, after Tom and Naomi experiences every heart-wrenching emotion and obstacle imaginable their relationship grows stronger. Set amidst the bustle of a hectic hospital, One Life-Changing Night is medical drama at its best. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy meets House!

Dr. Tom Williams has never gotten over the death of his wife. But when Naomi Bloom falls into his arms so the wall he’d built around him crumbles too. There is something about Naomi that sheds light to his dark, mourning soul. When he rescues Naomi from a crazy man and offers his help after her apartment is burgled by having her move in with him only adds layers of drama and fuel to the low fire of attraction burning between him and Naomi. And though he may be Naomi’s boss at work, the battle to keep their emotions in tack prove to be gigantic tasks between them since they work side by side at the hospital and then come home to dwell in each other’s space. So will they take a risk and move on from their pained pasts and give into each other’s attraction?

Highly Recommended
5 Stars