Amanda Writes (1)

A Vow to Secure His Legacy is now my favorite Annie West novel without question.

Ms. West delivers a sophisticated, stunning portrayal of romance in its most magical state in her latest Harlequin Presents novel: A Vow to Secure His Legacy. Set in fabulous locales with picturesque descriptions, memorable scenes and characters that grab you instantly, this book packs all the right punches and you won’t want to put it down until you turn the last page! Thierry Girard is an absolute sweetheart, I fell in love with him at the start of the book, and his ladylove is breathtaking. She captures your attention from chapter one. Imogen is resilient and strong. But her life isn’t all smooth sailing. Her life has been turned upside down, inside out and so she decides to live her life without caution. The instant attraction between her and Thierry is as hot as molten lava. They click from the start and it isn’t before long that things spiral out of control. Without giving much of the plot away, I’d say Imogen must remain strong in the test of time as she and Thierry create magic for each other. Beautiful writing and a fast-paced plot makes you wish you were in the shoes of the characters!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

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