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I’m super excited to share my thoughts on Kandy Shepherd’s latest book for Harlequin Romance which I read and enjoyed. This is one of those romance novels that’s flirty, sexy and fun but with just the right touch of drama and conflict – think Hallmark love-stories! You get the gist? Ms. Shepherd weaves a convincing tale in Crown Prince’s Chosen Bride where her hero, a prince, falls for a ‘commoner’ in Sydney. It is up to Tristan to choose between royal protocol and following his heart. I really enjoyed reading about Tristan’s journey from his ‘duty-bound’ life to a carefree man enjoying his time in an exotic city. His character has depth and the way he does things around Gemma brings out the best in his character and hers too. Gemma Harper is a wonderful person. She does what she loves and she couldn’t have lived a happier life. But beneath all the sweetness of creating magic in the kitchen she has a dark secret. Her life isn’t perfect. She has had her heart torn out of her once or twice. So when she meets Tristan and finds him attractive she has double thoughts whether to follow her instincts and get to know him better or stay clear of him. Of course he makes her heart skip a few beats but is a fling enough? Is that what she really wants? After all she’d sworn off dating for six months. So the emotional battle of falling for a man way out of her league and the explosive chemistry she and Tristan share makes this story a worthwhile read. It is the conflict both characters share that keeps you turning the pages of this sensational book. Beautifully written and descriptive with true-to-life characters, engaging dialogue and intense banter Crown Prince’s Chosen Bride will leave you deeply satisfied in the end.

4.5 Stars


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