Amanda Writes (1)


It’s been some time now since I indulged in a historical romance and Ella Carey’s new book The House by the Lake cemented all the reasons why I love the genre so much! The House by the Lake is storytelling at its best: unique, riveting, well-written with heartbreaking romance at the very center… this is the perfect book to curl up with on a rainy day when you’re all alone at home. The raw, intense emotions, the vividly descriptive scenes scuttling between modern day and the life-changing era of WWII…this is a story so passionate, so moving it will stir your heart with its profoundness. This is a book set in Paris and Germany, where part is true and the other fictional but I must commend Ms. Carey on doing her homework with researching vital facts. As a reader I was taken back in time to places I’ve never visited, to an era I’ve never known yet Ms. Carey’s vivid prose did not make me feel as if I were an outsider. Her story is so raw and electrifying, her characters so real and three-dimensional, her plot so complex you just read on to know what happens next. The steaming chemistry between Anna and Wil gives the story depth. The supporting characters add life and diverseness to the moving plot. Overall, a great historical story written by an amazing author whose book is sure to entertain a lover of historical romances!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

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