Amanda Writes


There are stories that take you places and there are stories that take your breath away. Andrea Laurence takes me on a beautiful journey where love, weddings and friendship play vital roles in bringing together the story of Natalie Sharpe and Colin Russell. Another installment of Ms. Laurence’s Brides & Belles series, A White Wedding Christmas is the perfect romance to curl up with on a rainy day. The heroine has such energy and life to her. She is simple yet tough as nails. I really loved the way that the author portrayed her in the book. But has the heroine gone too far into swearing off marriage? The hero on the other hand is a charmer. I love his energy and vibe in the book. He makes the heroine think twice about marriage and all things romantic. Colin Russell must work with Natalie Sharpe in planning his sister’s wedding. During the process of all the planning, the thrill of Natalie’s super crush on Colin sparks embers into flames. Colin brings out the best in Natalie and though she doesn’t believe in love, she is aware of the instantaneous chemistry between her and her best friend’s older brother. It is how she overcomes her insecurities whilst falling hard for Colin that makes this story a worthy read. Overall, A White Wedding Christmas is a fun and flirty story.

4.5 Stars


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