Amanda Writes


Navy Seal Captive – Jenna Broyles and Navy Seal Sawyer Houston meet while zip lining in Cancun, Mexico. Sun, sand and vacation, things are pretty low-key but when Sawyer stumbles upon trouble all hell breaks loose. It is the fight to stay alive while protecting Jenna that adds tension to the plot. Overall, Navy Seal Captive is a full-blown page-turner. Well-paced and well-written, this novel takes you on a rollercoaster ride of suspense where the characters share harrowing experiences with death. A good plot, intense dialogue, vivid descriptions and an overall good story, Navy Seal Captive by Elle James is sure to keep you entertained. So pick up a copy and indulge yourself in a danger-filled novel where suspense and romance form a toxic combination!

4.5 Stars


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