Amanda Writes (1)


This is another installment in Andrea Laurence’s series Brides & Belles and I must say I’m enjoying all the stories so far. The characters are diverse and strong in their own right. They fit their roles perfectly and I think they were the perfect actors for said roles. I really enjoyed all the drama and glitz which came with both Gretchen and Julian’s jobs. Everything about this novel is on par: the plot, the scenes, the characters, the dialogue, the descriptions and every other unmentionable detail adds something unique to this sensational story. Gretchen McAlister is a wedding planner who has spent more time criticizing every attribute about her image than anything else. And she finds that being around men makes her uncomfortable. So when she is asked to be the pretend boyfriend of famous actor Julian Cooper, she is more than uncomfortable. She is downright going nuts in the head. But the money she can make parading as a Hollywood star’s girlfriend can make her dreams happen. So she says yes. Saying ‘yes’ creates a chain reaction of scenes that are hilarious and totally entertaining! Overall, One Week with the Best Man by Andrea Laurence is winning a story that is sure to have you turning the pages in anticipation to see what happens next!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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