Amanda Writes


Author Andrea Laurence is on a roll with this novel The CEO’s Unexpected Child. This captivating story will draw you in from page one, so prepared to be blown away on an emotional storm. I couldn’t put this book down. With a well-woven plot, great dialogue, descriptive prose, raw emotions and enough drama to sustain the story, this novel is sure to keep you engrossed. The characters are not cheesy, but rather likable and their back-stories are interwoven in such a way that it doesn’t overpower the romance at all. The many pains Claire Douglas faced made me cheer for her when she conceived a baby. But the reality that ensued next took me a while to swallow. I was so shocked with the truth about her baby’s father. On the other hand, CEO Luca Moretti didn’t win me over at first glance. I thought he paraded his chauvinism too much. In the end however, as he and Claire came to terms with the reality of their relationship I began to like him mostly because I thought him to be a redeemed man who treated Claire the way she deserved. Overall, this intense yet captivating story will take you on an emotional ride and have you rooting for the characters to reach their deserving happiness in the end.

4.5 Stars


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